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Medical Escort and Emergency Flights

Medical Escort Services Qatar

Universal Medical Transfer Services offers medical escort and medical emergency flights for patients in need of assistance on a pre-booked commercial flight. We provide medical emergency flights and medical escort throughout Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and globally. The Medical Escort can be a nurse or specialist as per the requirement, who accompanies the patient to provide critical care during her / his Medical Transportation. UMTs medical escort carries basic medical supplies and equipment to administer medical treatment, medication, or to observe the patient vitals.

However, it must be stressed that this service provides a reduced level of medical care for the patient and will only be considered for non-serious cases. Our Medical Escort will accompany the patient in the scheduled seats provided for normal passengers. The assistance and medical care provided will be basic and is only intended to ensure the comfort of the patient. This service is certainly not for seriously ill or critical patients.

UMT also assist our clients in Flight booking and Ground Transportation Booking

Experienced Flight Crews

Our standard air medical flight crew consists of a critical care flight nurse and a paramedic all with critical care capability and experience. Medical Flight physicians are available when required. All the aircrafts we use are equipped to provide intensive care and critical care (ICU/CCU) services, including Advanced Life Support (ALS).

UMT use medical staff members who consistently maintain current licenses that meet authoritative regulations. Medical emergency flight crew members are required to have BLS, ACLS, PALS along with a minimum of five years critical care experience. We also use Registered Nurses who hold advanced certifications in CCRN, CFRN, and CEN, Air medical nurses and respiratory therapists with an average of more than 20 years of patient care experience in their field, Neonatal specialty team members with a minimum of five years’ experience in neonatal intensive care units / transport and are certified in Neonatal Resuscitation Provider (NRP). Additionally, our team members hold specialty certifications such as certified neonatal pediatric transport (C-NPT) and Neonatal Pediatric Specialist (RRT-NPS). All of our networked employees go through extensive background screening processes. Working with our Human Resources department, a bonded outside agency performs an extensive screening for all our applicants covering federal, state, and county criminal records

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