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When you are traveling around the world, the last thing you want to happen is a medical emergency. Depending on where you are, modern medical care may be hard to come by. This is where UMT Air Ambulance can help. We offer Air Ambulance solutions to help get you home or to a medical facility better equipped to care for you. Find help for everything from minor accidents to intensive medical trauma.

Internationally Accredited And Certified Air Ambulance

UMT works with internationally licensed Air Ambulance operators and provides internationally accredited and certified Air Ambulance Services and team which are certified by Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) or Eurami through our network of licensed operators. We offer 24×7 services, across 195 countries in air ambulances installed with most modern high-tech equipment. We offer a large fleet that includes single-engine flights, twin-engine flights, turbo prop, helicopter, seaplane, and jets. Based on the situation or terrain, we will assign the right mode of transport. Additionally, UMT Air Ambulance provides VIP services with ICU-equipped Challenger Aircraft.

UMT Air Ambulance’s team manages all aspects of the medical transfer process by coordinating with the patient’s physician, departing and receiving facilities and insurance provider. Our experienced flight crews and our 24/7 communication center provide updates time to time.

We provide seamless bed-to-bed medical transportation and can link ground and air ambulance services, ensuring continuity of care. Our medical coordinator will consult with the patient’s physician to determine “fit-to-fly” status, the departing and receiving facility to reserve a bed, and the patient’s insurance or healthcare provider to confirm coverage and obtain prior transport authorization.

Medical Repatriation

UMT Air Ambulance also provides medical repatriation services to families, hospitals, and corporates. Whether transferring a patient across the country or world, relocating a sick elderly parent, or evacuating a sick employee. UMT will take care of all your medical repatriation needs. For a family member, it is quite stressful to travel and deal with a sick or injured loved one. We comprehend these challenges, and offers affordable and compassionate care to get your loved one where they need to go.

As a Case Manager in hospitals, if your patient needs a medical transfer to go to another city/country for treatment, or back to home country, we can help. Our team will make the most complex and critical case simple.

For corporate needing to move a sick or injured employee, or an international travel insurance company in need of medical escort services, UMT Air Ambulance will take care of it.

Pediatric and Neonatal Air Ambulance Transfers

UMT Air Ambulance offers the finest services for the smallest and youngest patients. Our dedicated and specialized neonatal team consisting of neonatal nurse and respiratory therapist provide uttermost care to premature babies and those with congenital cardiac defects. Based on the critical care, paramedics, nurse practitioners or physicians with experience in neonatal, perinatal, and pediatric intensive care accompany the patient.

When neonates need a transfer to a specialized facility for a major operation, procedure or evaluation, they are transferred via neonatal air ambulance. However, it can be used for neonatal and pediatric cases as well. We can help you decide the best method of transportation. Our medical director assigns the right flight staff, their education and training, quality management and reviewing the newly implemented policies. The medical staff and neonatal air ambulance is equipped with isolette with thermoregulation temperature control, monitor with invasive capabilities, ventilator, and syringe IV pumps.

24/7 Patient Care

UMT Air Ambulance operates a 24/7 dedicated Communication Center. The staff serves as a resource to patients, family members and case managers and are well experienced in the logistics that are involved within our Air Ambulance Operations. Best of all, they are real people who can help you through this process.

All of UMT Air Ambulance’s inbound calls are routed through our 24/7 Communications Center. Once a flight has been requested, our availability and timeline are secured and coordinated directly with the customer/requestor. Once a mission is confirmed, our medical triage coordinator will complete a pre-flight assessment of the patient and determine that he or she is “fit for fly.”

All planes and crews are monitored 24/7 when on a mission. This means we provide real-time updates to families and sending and receiving facilities during the transport.

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